"ART-IN-PLACE (AIP) is an initiative of CNL Projects and Terrain Exhibitions. AIP was inspired by the generosity of artists and the power of art to transform and connect us."

For the Art In Place Project, I wanted to do something that was amusing, but with serious underpinnings. This 9 foot band aid, titled “I am the Color Band Aids Were Made For” was made in 2018 not just in recognition of the micro-aggression against black and brown people, but as a the recognition that those “flesh” colored band aids were made for MY skin tone. The Orange man represents the unavoidable reality that NOW is the time for white people to allow themselves to be vulnerable, stick their necks out, and engage in the difficult conversations surrounding systemic racism. Regardless of the approach (silly or serious), we should all promote lasting change and deep healing. I hope I am contributing in my own small way.


-Michael F Gallagher

IG: MichaelFrancisArt

"In Gallagher's piece, the loss becomes palpable with the repitition of the walnut shape. Gallagher's is the most cathartic and direct expression in the show."

-Michel Segard, Editor in Chief, New Art Examiner Mar/Apr 2020 Review "Artoma: The Art of Cancer" Chicago Art Dept 01/01-01/31/2020

"A different interpretation of the theme. The choice of medium helps reflect the idea. An intense subject matter that is technically well thought out."

-Jennifer Complo McNutt, Juror "Figures of Speech" 2019 Anderson Museum of Art

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