Current Exhibitions

Michael F Gallagher

Multi-Media Artist

IG: Michaelfrancisart

"And I Was Already Alone #1" Acrylic and Ink on Paper, 2020

Voices and Visions: Standing on the Bridge Between Health and Disease. The Art Center of Highland Park. Highland Park, IL Aug 14 - Oct 10, 2020

"A different interpretation of the theme. The choice of medium helps reflect the idea. An intense subject matter that is technically well thought out."

-Jennifer Complo McNutt, Juror "Figures of Speech" 2019 Anderson Museum of Art

"Even Sincere Fragility is Unearned Privilege #2" Glass, Wood, Chain 2020

Where's the Revolution

The Bridgeport Art Center

Sep 18 - Nov 6, 2020


Etched Glass Table, 2019

Black Lives Matter

DragonFLY Gallery

Aug 28-Sep 27, 2020

"In Gallagher's piece, the loss becomes palpable with the repetition of the walnut shape. Gallagher's is the most cathartic and direct expression in the show."

-Michel Segard, Editor in Chief, New Art Examiner Mar/Apr 2020 Review "Artoma: The Art of Cancer" Chicago Art Dept 01/01-01/31/2020

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